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What to consider when choosing an Adult Family Home in the Seattle area

Washington State, like most states, has its own rules for what is and is not allowed before an organization can call itself an “Adult Family Home”. One of the most important requirements in Washington State is the number of residents that are allowed. That number is six, and that alone makes Washington State an excellent place to set up camp for your loved one to live in such an Adult Family Home.

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What should I bring with me when I move into an Adult Family or Nursing Home in the Kirkland area?

Unless you’re traveling a great distance – where going to fetch more of your personal items might present a challenge – you don’t need much to move into an Adult Family Home. Washington State has legislated for significant protections for the residents of Adult Family Homes.

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How can I adjust to putting my mother into an Adult Family Home or nursing home in Seattle?

Even when you find that perfect Adult Family Home for your beloved parent, there’s is almost always a kind of letting go feeling you will experience on the day of the Big Move. In reality – especially if the Adult Family Home is just down the street – the time you do spend with them might be of a better quality than when they were living in your own home. Why is that, you ask?

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What extra services might an Adult Family Home offer in addition to those mandated by Washington State?

It sounds like you might already know what the state does mandate, and the most important of those requirements is probably the fact that a maximum of six residents are permitted in any one Adult Family Home household. And that’s a very good thing, simply because the staff in a house of only six senior residents can quickly become intimately familiar with each and every one resident.

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In the Shoreline area, does the typical Adult Family Home offer end-of-life care like a hospice does?

Adult Family Homes are usually not equipped to handle the needs of residents who truly need the intensive care that a hospice offers, but most residents in an Adult Family Home do find everything they need. And one of the most important factors is, does the Adult Family Home you are considering have ‘wake staff’? In other words, if your aging loved one gets into difficulties at three o’clock in the morning, will help be there for them, a few feet away. Some Adult Family Homes have such wake staff; others do not.

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Should I expect my father with age-related disabilities (or developing conditions) to be taken care of in an Adult Family Home in Seattle?

In the state of Washington, there are fairly strict laws about what an establishment is allowed to – and must do – in order to offer their services as an Adult Family Home. Top of the list, in my view, is the requirement that no more than six residents may live under the single resident roof at any one time. That, of course, does not include the staff who, to all intents and purposes, also live there a lot of the time.

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Does an Adult Family Home look after seniors suffering from dementia, Alzheimer's or memory loss, in Seattle?

The short answer is Yes, but the question is a great one because it speaks to what is possibly the central value of housing your loved one in an Adult Family Home instead of, for example, a nursing home. An Adult Family Home is, by Washington State law, restricted to just six residents. This means that the Adult Family Home staff have enough bandwidth to get to know every single resident under their care at a deeply personal level. Don’t remember the names of your own grandkids?

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What health-related questions should I ask of the Adult Family home management and staff? I live in Seattle.

Thankfully, there are many Washington State laws that protect the residents of any Adult Family Home within the state boundaries. At least, if a business wants to compete and offer its services as such, it must comply with an ever-growing set of regulations. It might feel bothersome for the average owners of such an Adult Family Home, but it is all for the protection of the residents in each, and in turn, offers every Adult Family Home the opportunity to take the issue of quality care off the table.

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